You have no idea.! Which is a refinishing, re-glazing or replacement of your bathtub, tile or sink, over time it deteriorates the bathtub or the bathroom?The refinishing, or your bathroom exchange with in hours of re-glazing, it would cover the flaws, holes, and chips and would remove the previous color of your bathtub. We change the color and it could be the color you want, looks like new, original color giving a bright, new look, cheap and most importantly free of bacteria for the whole family.

We can fix and tweak all your bath without removing,! WHY CHANGE IT! if you can do a refinishing, let me explain, DADDYBATHTUB, you can paint the same color, or you can change to another color for your bathtub and tiles can be retouched, from both bathroom,  kitchen counter tops,  sinks and, any damage or failure that has your bathroom can be solved with a refinishing, your bath will look like new, our work is 100% guaranteed.

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